Can you make my Mac or PC go faster?

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Can you help with MAC's?

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I've got a virus, can you clean it?

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Can you help with Mac software like TimeMachine?

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Mac's Optimize for more efficiency

Mac's like PC's can collect a lot of files that are not needed and can cause inefficiencies. That may be the cause of the pin wheel that frustrates you.

Remote Support

This Mac Genius can help you immediately with our state of the art remote appliance. You can get connected in seconds via link below (blue lettering that reads 'remote support').

Remote Support

Click the above link to get immediate help from a Mac Genius

  • Mac installation and troubleshooting

    PC's and Mac's are great machines but are also need some attention at times. We can help in a flash with any problem on your PC or Mac.

  • Mobile Setup

    We are experts with iPhones and Android phone platforms. We can secure you data on your phone and even allow access to your data on your network in a secure and productive environment.

  • Fast and Easy Fix

    We use a remote appliance that connets in seconds and is fast and secure.

  • Minimal phone conversations are needed

    With our remote appliance and the ability to chat back and forth there is no need to continually be tied down on a phone call. Just call once, get connected and explain your issue and hang up. We may chat from time to time but there is no need to have a phone pinned to your ear.

  • PC's.

    We are experts in PC's. From Windows 7 to Windows 10.

  • MAC's

    We are experts in MAC's too. We started with Apple ][+'s and progressed throuhg the Mac lineup to todays very powerful machines.

Awesome Clients

See what nice things our clients said about us.

'' To Larry, I say a big THANK YOU!!! ''

- Bill, Chicago area business man

'' Thanks for being our computer and networking superhero ''

- Kirsten , Clothing wholesaler

Amazing Team

This wonderful person makes your work more enjoyable, profitable and efficient.

Larry Bensky

Mac Help Guru

Larry Bensky

Mac Genius

Larry Bensky

PC Help Guru

We may be small but we know what we are doing and can help businesses from 2 to 400 PCs/MACs or servers..

Pricing : One Time Fix - For a Single Issue


Don't be shy. We can help you with anything computer related. We can remote into your system and help in any time zone.